The Fish Wizards are Tony Terceira and David Rossi

There are two places one can obtain fish from the fishwizards.

The first of course is this website, featuring items that are constantly in stock or actively breeding are offered here. The second is from Aqua Bid. What is listed there are one of a kind or items when there is not sufficient quantity to list here. Our seller name on Aqua Bid is tdbettasand.

So you see something you like what now?
Well email any of the contacts on the list to find out availability. Method of payment and shipping can then be determined. The same is true with tdbettasand on Aqua Bid.

What should you expect?
You should expect vibrant, healthy top quality fish. You should expect exceptional service. You should expect support and 55 years of knowledge to help you with your acquisition. You will get all of that and more.

Why should you expect this?
The Fish Wizards are hobbyists. Period. We don't make our living doing this, which gives us a great deal of flexibility in what we offer, and who we sell it to. We will not sell fish to anyone who is not experienced in the keeping of the fish. We want happy hobbyists as well as fish that are happy in their new homes.

We also import fish. We hold them to absorb losses associated with shipping stress. Then and only then do we distribute them. On occasion it costs more but you get your fish alive. The Wizards have been privileged to locate some rare wild fish, some that have not been seen for over 30 years. These are now in the hobby.

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Tony & Dave
The Wizards

Tony Terceira

Tony has been involved in the tropical fish hobby for over 35 years. He is a fellow of the American Killifish Association, former member of the board of trustees and former editor of the Journal of the American Killifish Association. Tony is an award winning internationally renowned photographer. His work and articles have appeared in most major hobbyist and scientific publications worldwide. Tony is also the author of Killifish, Their Care and Breeding published in 1974. It is still a definitive work in the hobby. Tony has moved into the digital era and is currently working on a variety of compilations of photos and articles for the web and CD. A sought after speaker, his presentations are seen in most aquarium clubs and conferences nationally. Tony is a noted breeder of killies, bettas, angels and most tropical fishes.

David Rossi

Dave has been involved in the tropical fish hobby for over 20 years. He was active in aquarium and hobbyist organizations in the 90s. During that time he served as President of the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island for 3 years. It was a period of unprecedented growth and activity in the club. Dave is a member of the AKA, IBC, and IFGA. His areas of interest have been killifish, guppies, bettas, rainbow fish and gudgeons. Like Tony, he is always willing to attempt breeding new and unusual species for distribution to the hobby. Dave has successfully shown and has received a variety of awards.

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