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The Killifish Source Book, Voume 1
by Anthony Terceira, edited by Charles Nunziata

The first in a planned series of photographs from the library of Anthony Terceira. This collection of 142 photographs spans three decades, from 1973 through the present time, and includes representatives from many genera, species, subspecies and populations.

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The Gardneri Album
by Anthony Terceira and Charles Nunziata

The Gardneri Album is a 44 page electronic book about the Fundulopanchax (Paraphyosemion) gardneri group of killifishes. It includes both historic and recent photographs, annotations and location maps. View our PDF flyer

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Mike Jacobs, President of Southern Apistos, and President of the Tampa
Bay Aquarium Society writes:

MAGIC!! Absolute magic. Combine the stunning beauty of the photography of Tony Terceira with the elegant easy-reading words of Charles Nunziata and put all of that together on a computer and you have the 'pure magic' called "The Gardneri Album"..the new 'computer book'. There always seems to be someone who shows the intuition and understanding of what is needed in a hobby at the correct time. Our hobby of keeping killifish is now better for this 'computer book'. What better way to present a family of killifish than on the computer screen that reads as easily as a book..perhaps more so. The presentation is more than computer friendly, it is down right easy, and in no time you will be flipping around the "book" as though you really knew what you were doing regardless of your computer knowledge. Drop it in and go.it is self-starting. Everyone likes to "click" on things, well click away; Click on the table of contents, click on a picture, click on the maps, click on the index.click anywhere and things happen. — FULL SCREEN PHOTOS! This is a pleasure to behold.

Charles and Tony have brought a new and bright dimension to the keeping of knowledge and pictures and books to our hobby. This is absolutely wonderful! Let's only hope this is not the end of their productions."

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